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If you install Eclipse properly then: Start Eclipse; From the menu bar, select Window > Preferences > Android; For Android location, browse the folder in which you install Android SDKs. In Android SDKs folder, rename the folder platforms-tools to tools. Select the folder Android SDKs through Preferences. 11 Jan Once you've downloaded the Platform Tools package, extract the contents of the. zip file to a folder you can find later (like “C:\Android\platform-tools”). You don't actually need to install ADB and fastboot to use them, but you can take an extra step to make them more convenient for you. By default, you'll. This page lists the most important command line tools that are available, organized by the packages in which they're delivered. You can install and update each package using Android Studio's SDK Manager or the sdkmanager command line tool. All of the packages are downloaded into your Android SDK directory, which.

16 Apr Android SDK Platform-Tools is a component for the Android SDK. It includes tools that interface with the Android platform, such as adb, fastboot, and systrace. These tools are required for Android app development. They're also needed if you want to unlock your device bootloader and flash it with a new. Hi, I am new to this forum, a big Hello to all. Now my problem, i downloaded the android sdk r16 from the website 23 Apr Okay. I finally managed to reproduce the problem you were having. It turns out the latest release of Android Studio comes with a newer SDK (specifically the tools folder of the SDK) than Unity is capable of recognizing. Solving it simply requires replacing the tools folder in the SDK with an older release.

21 Jan Hi All, I downloaded android studio but it does not have a PLATFORM TOOLS folder and hence, Changing Directory command does not happen. What to do.?. 29 Jun Once downloaded unzip the folder and put in a known, accessible spot. Depending on your operating system there are a few different ways to open the Android SDK. If you are on Windows just double-click the file in the root of the SDK directory. On OS X and Linux go to the “tools/” folder. If you're using a Mac, extract the ZIP to a folder you can access easily, and take note of this folder's location, as this is where you'll need to open a command window whenever you want to send ADB or Fastboot commands. From there, open the android-sdk-macosx folder, then head to the tools folder inside of that. Next.


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