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Curl list urls file

This relies on printf 's behaviour of repeating the format pattern to exhaust the list of data arguments. The curl command can take multiple URLs and fetch all of them, recycling the existing connection (HTTP/), but it needs the -O option before each one in order to download and save each target. Note that. If I understand correctly, you have a file containing a list of URLs (one per line), and you want to pass those URLs to CURL. There are two main ways to do that: with xargs, or with command substitution. With xargs: xargs curl With command substitution: curl $(cat ). Both methods mangle. -i file --input-file=file Read URLs from a local or external file. If - is specified as file , URLs are read from the standard input. (Use./- to read from a file literally named -.) If this function is used, no URLs need be present on the command line. If there are URLs both on the command line and in an input file, those.

Jul 21, I recently needed to download a bunch of files from Amazon S3, but I didn't have direct access to the bucket — I only had a list of URLs. There were too many to fetch one by Curl comes installed on every Mac and just about every Linux distro, so it was my first choice for this task. Turns out it's pretty easy. #!/bin/bash. while read LINE; do. curl -o /dev/null --silent --progress-bar --head -- write-out '%{http_code} %{time_starttransfer} %{url_effective}\n' "$LINE" >> done [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (0 children). Are you fetching your URL list programmatically? If so, you could do something like /u/follier was suggesting. while read url; do curl -O "$url" done file to then input into.

Oct 23, It's good to know that curl also accepts multiple URLs as arguments. To display response header information of several URLs: curl -I When there is a long URL list in a file, use xargs instead: xargs curl -I Related Posts sending HTTP POST. Apr 11, The above command will download the file from the ftp server and save it in the local directory. $ curl -u ftpuser:ftppass -O ftp://ftp_server/public_html/. Here , the given URL refers to a directory. So cURL will list all the files and directories under the given URL. If you are new to FTP/sFTP, refer ftp sftp. Jul 2, I want to grab every file between those two numbers. The -o in the command tells curl that you want to save the resulting data grabbed from the URL into a file. The title of that file follows but notice that it includes #1. #1 is a placeholder that will be replaced by whatever the number was inside the brackets for.


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