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Groupwise snapin for consoleone

Aug 14, Matthew Shuter shares a batch file that makes it easier to install ConsoleOne GroupWise snapins on a local computer. Use it when installing the snapins for the first time, or when you need to update the snapins due to a service pack. My consoleone got hosed up and now I can't get the groupwise snapins to work. I tried uninstalling and deleting and still no luck. I copied the consoleone from the server to get some settings that the workstation didn't provide but it messed up groupwise snapins. Every since I can't get the groupwise snapins. May 31, The good news is that Novell has made it easy to update ConsoleOne with snapin & support files. For example on the GroupWise 6 CD there's a directory called \Admin\C1Admin. Copy the contents of this directory on top of ConsoleOne directory and you've added the GroupWise 6 snapins & support files.

Sep 22, This download also includes an installer for the GroupWise snapins. Of course, I think that my unofficial “master” version of ConsoleOne will lead to maximal sysadmin happiness. To install, all you have to do is download and unzip the file included with this article (“”). You can run it by. Nov 12, Hi We have recently aquired a site which has ConsoleOne running but fails to load physically on the Novell Server (X Windows). I get an error message and it relates to GroupWise snapins. Where I am. We've installed Console One (), and it runs fine. BUT when we put the groupwise folder in the snap-in directory, Console One won't start. What are we doint.

Steps to Install. Prior to installation of GroupWise Administration Snapin exit ConsoleOne From Linux box. Browse to GroupWise software directory on Linux box. Run from GroupWise software Install Products | GroupWise Administration | Install Administration. Launch ConsoleOne and it will display. install the GroupWise 7 Snapins to ConsoleOne. 7. (You might already have ConsoleOne installed. If you do, you do not need to reinstall it.) You will now be at the ConsoleOne Path screen. Verify that this is the path where you want to install ConsoleOne. Click the Install ConsoleOne button. A Java installation routine. Apr 25, The Trusted Application key is generated through the ConsoleOne utility in conjunction with GroupWise snapins. GroupWise Trusted Applications are also used to define the connection between GroupWise and the Netmail Archive system for stub resolution (when GroupWise stubbing is in use). Another.


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