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Minecraft large npc village download

Minecraft large npc village

I was playing singleplayer on survival. After a bit, I decided to make a map, I had ZombeFlyMod so it wasn't hard to fill in 1/2 the map. Then i noticed a weird formation on the map and decided to check it out. It turned out to be the largest NPC village I ever found. So i decided why should I be the only one to. ok this is the biggest village ive ever seen so check it out For more stuff like this and lots of redstone diamond this and subscribe to me Additional Notesif you think i should do anything to this made just comment and tell me also diamond and subscribe if you like Download map now!. Here is a village for all of your everyday needs. Tired of walking through endless deserts and cold taigas in search of villages Well not anymore with illogicalpine's NPC VILLAGE The village has a blacksmith a chapel and a multitude of other structures as well I do not need a reference from you.

Essentially, infinite. The value of 32 blocks determines how far away from an existing village a villager must be to create a new village. Hence, if you build a load of village structures 32 blocks apart, you will have saturated the land with villages. Then, just expand from your 'nodes' to create a village around. there are structures in the village, counting wells and barns and such. those structures consist of bricks. those structures can house up to NPCs. those structures amount to one seventeenth of the entire world area. I spent all of 76 hours counting structures, calculating the number of bricks and.


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