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Vote4cash bukkit

15 Jul Hello i'm having troubles with the vote4cash listener. It's the messages when ppl vote. The color codes don't work I first used '&' and it didn't work. RewardVoting. Rewardvoting Banner. Are you tired of looking for a good votifier listener? Does it seem that you can't find a good one? Then this is the plugin for you! RewardVoting allows you to give your players rewards for voting on your server! This plugin is very customizable, you can give how many items you want, how. JCVaultListener. JCVaultListener is a plugin that works in conjunction with Votifier , or better, to receive voting events allowing you to reward players with currency when they vote for your server. JCVaultListener uses Vault to interface with many popular econony plugins.

Description. SimpleVoteListener was designed to be as lightweight as possible and make endless possibilities. SimpleVoteListener can perform commands, broadcast messages, and do everything you could possibly need it to do. PLANNED Features. Vault Economy support. Bungeefier and Spigot support. EasyListener is a VAULT-Listener that reward your players with money, items or EXP when they vote on your voteservice. Latest. Fixed some issues; More german translations; Fixed ListenerUpdate command; Renamed /votesite to /vote . Features. Send them messages when they vote, only for the specific player. if (v == null) return;. String player = rname();. //Skip exceptions. for ( String ex: exceptions) {. if ((ex)) {. ("[Vote4Cash] Exception \" "+ex+"\" ignored."); return;. } } // Check if they are on server for instant payment, otherwise put on waiting list if not already on it. for (World world: Bukkit. getWorlds()) {.

Information. Author: Empire Total Downloads: 1, First Release: Dec 7, Last Update: Dec 7, Category: Bukkit. All-Time Rating: 4/5, 3 ratings . Here is my most popular tutorial video on how to setup Votifier Votifier Listeners Vote4Cash Listener Outtro song from zJSSdia0SE The Minecraft Blog, How to setup Votifier **UPDATE**, Vote4Cash Listener: votifier/forum/vote-listeners/vote4cash-listener-vaultr/?page=6# p


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