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9 Mar In today's article, we'll show you how to create an Android game using a simple yet robust library called libGDX(box2d). With libGDX(box2d), you can also develop games for other platforms, including Web, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, and even Blackberry, not just Android. The code is cross-platform. 12 May It was a rainy and cold afternoon and I had nothing to do except to play around with Box2D on my Android device. I will show you the another-ball-bouncing example using Box2D and Cocos2D. For this example you will need to download these libraries: Cocos2D for Android: you can donwload the source. Your android game pom must contain: box2d-android ${n} box2d-android-nativelib ${n}.

Don't even bother with box2d, try AndEngine, which is specifically designed and optimized for Android, and contains not only box2d engine, but sound, sprites, openGL support and many-many game-related things you may use right from the box. did I mention samples? yes, there are aplenty!!. 13 Mar It's called Ninja's Ascent. I'm using the Java port of Box2D, even though C++ is what I swear by haha. This is the first game I've ever released besides the ones I do for the Ludum Dare (you should check it out if you've never heard of it). I coded it and my friend from high school did the art. We're freshman in. 13 Nov Hi, I installed the JBox2d jar and I am currently using it in the Android SDK for my game that I am making, the thing is the JBox2D code compiles fine but when I run the app I can't visualise what i have made, then I read somewhere that JBox2D is simple because it only allows me to simulate physical forces.

Start by downloading the setup app that LibGDX provides, as well as the Android SDK. I won't go into details about how to set up the SDK since Android already provides in depth guides for that. Run the tool and make sure that you have the Desktop and Android sub-projects, as well the the Box2d extension selected.


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