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Iterating PHP Iterators

This example demonstrates in which order methods are called when using foreach with an iterator. php class myIterator implements Iterator { private $ position = 0; private $array = array("firstelement", "secondelement", "lastelement" ,); public function __construct() { $this->position = 0; } public function rewind() {. 7 Apr Cal Evans recently asked me if I would like to review his new book; “Iterating PHP Iterators”. Naturally I jumped at the chance to learn more from Cal, and his book didn't disappoint. I thought I'd. 9 Apr Learn to use the power tools built into the PHP language to write better and faster code.

I believe the main reason is versatility. They don't make things more readable and you can accomplish most of what the spl iterators do with a simple foreach. But iterators can serve as sort of a compacted loop or loop source that you can pass around. You can have more diverse data sources than just a. PHP's foreach does not have this functionality built in (per the manual). Use a for loop to have an iterator or implement it yourself. 28 Apr Would you like to use a foreach loop to iterate over items in a collection defined within your class? This tutorial provides a gentle introduction to object iterators in PHP.

3 May In this tutorial, Craig Buckler explains how to create a PHP class which allows any collection of items to iterated within a foreach loop. Iterator in PHP. Back to Iterator description. In the Iterator pattern a class will be able to traverse the elements of another class. In this example, the BookList class will have stored zero to many elements of the Book class. The BookListIterator can return all of the Books in the BookList one by one and in the sequential order . 8 Jan Iterators, as the name implies allow you to iterate over a collection. In many cases that collection is an array. However, PHP allows you to iterate over many other types of collections. A directory structure, XML, even database cursors can all be easily iterated over using the built in iterator classes. There are.


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