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Sims 3 ultra speed mod

Watching my sims sleep, fish, or work is uneventful. I just wished speeds were faster! EA gave us a patch, to fix the speed settings, but this still wasn't adequate! So without further ado, fellow Simmers, I give you: This mod comes in Three flavors! Ultra-Speed Multiplier: Increases the rate of Third Speed and. Then do what The Mad Dawg said, or turn down the graphics level. Ultra Speed, if your computer is good enough, is supposed to run at a much faster rate than normal speed, but nobody has a computer powerful enough to utilize it fully. My computer runs Ultra Speed at a much faster rate than normal speed. I'm generally a builder, but have just gotten into an actual game. I've seen people use a speed mod that allows you to use the ultra fast speed.

26 Jan I done a lot of searching to see if there was another mod that was more up to date that done the same thing but I haven't been able to find another one. But if I do run across another one I'll let you know. I know how you feel, I missed the super speed from the sims 3 and I miss the option to fast forward until. Speed 3 is not ultra,it is very fast speed,ultra speed can be obtained with a mod, which is basically unlocking the ultra speed when all sims are sleeping. No. Ultra Speed is the third speed option. As you can see. The game has a much faster speed if your Sim is at work/asleep. From what I can tell, super ultra speed is different from regular speed 3. It only happens for me if no sims are home (like all at work) or if all sims are sleeping. If I had to guess, I think they did it that way so that your Sims wouldn't get into something from autonomy that you couldn't stop if you didn't want them.

The super fast speed while sims are at work or asleep seems to be designed that if an NPC sim is on the lot while the only active sim is working or asleep, it will stay on the regular speeds (). It is sometimes inconsistent when the maid visits during the day while the sim is at work, once the maid leaves, the game doesn't. Auto Mood Showers by Lodakai at Mod The Sims via Sims 4 Updates. Modern Easel by HugeLunatic at Mod The Sims via Sims 4 Updates · EaselsThe Sims Sims 4ModernContentHobbiesColorsFurnitureDecor. 9 Oct The Ultra-Speed Multiplier Mod: This Mod increases the speed of the game, so that you can speed up some Sim's activities like sleeping..e.t.c. It is available in 3 variations Lite Ultra-Speed Multiplier,Ultra-Speed Multiplier and Heavy Ultra- Speed Multiplier. Note: This Mod is not-compatible with latest Sims.


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