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27 Apr So a few weeks ago i was trying some UI compilations and one of them was EU and the was set for that. When i tried to start wow I noticed I couldnt loggin cause it was set to EU version. Then I replaced my WTF folder with my old one and I could finally log back in. But now im stuck with those. Hi, I've been playing wow on this computer for just over a year now (14months), and have only installed it at the start, other than that i've changed nothing except my UI (Interface) folder. I downloaded CaithUI today, and for some reason all my Data folder has changed from , to enUS. aswell as my. 10 Mar Go to the folder where World of Warcraft is installed, and go to "Data", then select the language you are using. Example: C:\World of Warcraft\Data\enGB or \enUS, depends on country open "" for me it shows: set realmlist set patchlist

24 Nov I had a simple server and changed to "enGB", started the game and then i couldnt connect to the server. That means it did work. So my point with this is that you european players out there that wanna play on a US private servers. Just open the config-file located in the WTF-folder in your WoW-folder and. Hi, You used to be able to change from EU to US & vice/versa by changing the Realmlist file, however I can't find the file now? Does anyone know what it has been renamed to?. currently have 30gb free on my 60gb ssd. if i put wow on it theres only like gb left over xD.. is there anything i can delete in it to get it down in size? Addon Folder: Some addons use a lot of space (like the ones that add sounds and textures to the game). The enGB folder is over 1 GB in size.

26 Oct MPQ; wow-update-baseMPQ. Data\enGB - EU client. Documentation ( folder); AccountBilling (link); ; ; ; ; expansion4- ; ; ; speech-enGB. Instead of: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\Interface\Cinematics. as you have mentioned, have you tried you installation language folder? For me this is enGB: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\enGB\Interface\Cinematics. Within this folder, I have each intro in and , as well as the Wrathgate cutscene. Download the torrent from this link: wow_freakz_torrent; Open the torrent For example D:\Games\Mists of Pandaria (or you could simply extract the files to your WoW folder directly) Cod: SET realmlist "" SET locale "enGB" SET installLocale "enGB".


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